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Animo Collective

Animo specializes in sports psychology consulting and mental skills training. We work with athletes, coaches, parents, referees, performers, sports organizations, and more to augment their skillset and improve the sporting experience. We seek to remove developmental barriers and performance blocks, and empower the sporting community through affordable access to education and counseling. Athletes and coaches of all ages, skill levels, and experience are encouraged to work on their mental game to enhance performance and maximize satisfaction.


Juliano "Nano" Pereira

BA Psychology, Vassar College
MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology, University of Thessaly & Jyväskyla

Location: New York City Metropolitan Area (&online)

Languages: English, Portuguese

Sport Experience: Soccer (football), ball sports, strength & conditioning, martial arts, endurance sports

Areas of Expertise: Imagery / visualization, youth development, team building

I created Animo Performance with the goal of helping athletes develop to their greatest potential, perform their best, and enjoy their sport. I work with athletes and performers, and their support teams, to reinforce the development pathway from all angles. I take a culturally informed perspective, combining social-cognitive and mindfulness-based approaches to individualize the learning process. I believe in taking a proactive approach to mental health – that means building and practicing mental skills consistently, including when things are going well so when things get difficult, people will have developed the coping skills and resilience to bounce back, and an existing support system will be in place.


Luka Dragicevic

BA Psychology, University of Niš
MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology
University of Thessaly

Location: Niš, Serbia (& online)

Lanugages: Serbian, English

Sport Experience: Combat sports, football (soccer), basketball, tennis, e-sports

Areas of Expertise: Individual athlete preparation, performance consultations, self-talk

I believe that everyday effort to improve in Psychological, Technical, Tactical, and Physical aspects of one's sport is a non-negotiable for an athlete that aims to be at the top. Such elite athletes accept facing adversity and use it as fuel for success. They are confident and maximally prepared. They know their goals, have a balanced and healthy lifestyle and love their sport. It is my passion to help you become this person.


Michalis Chantzis


BA Psychology
BA Sports Sciences, TEFAA Athens

MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology, University of Thessaly (degree in progress)

Location: Athens, Greece (& online)

Languages: Greek, English

Sport Experience: Water sports, board sports, recreational & health exercise

Specializations: exercise & technology, mindfulness

My work focuses on preparing athletes with a well-grounded foundation for their athletic careers. To reach the optimal potential means to elaborate in expressing an athlete's diverse qualities. Together we can attend to your athletic mind, figure out ways of coping with setbacks. Based on your personality and temperament we can collaborate in activating and preparing meaningful mental resources. A performance-based toolkit of theory, mental skills, and strategies refined by scientific evidence constantly shapes my personal practice. My intention is to work side by side, to acknowledge and honor each moment registered in an athlete's experience whether successful or not. There is one way for evolution and development and this is navigating through the path of personal experience. Together we can build a bridge of connection, for the present performance state to formulate and result in the accomplishment of optimal performance goals. With mutual trust we can build performance through effort, progress through commitment,  in an environment of acceptance,  honouring playfulness, and discipline.


What is Animo?

Animo is a mental, spiritual, and emotional state of focused energy and a strong spirit. In many Latin languages animo refers to positive mood, desire, interest, clear intention, and purpose. It can also be found in English words like the verb animate (to bring to life) or equanimity (mental calmness, composure, and even temper). The name refers to aspects of a healthy mind, body, and spirit – all essential elements for peak performance, satisfaction, and well-being.

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