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College ID & Mental Skills Camp

This soccer performance camp is designed for elite-level soccer players. It will be an opportunity to participate in training led by college coaches, and to learn about mental training techniques and how they can be applied in soccer. The content of the clinic will include soccer training, 11v11 games, mental training activities, and seminars, which will tie together a variety of mental skills for performance.


International Tours & Events

We specialize in delivering sports psychology training through group events and team travel excursions. Traveling is a great way to experience diverse sports cultures, and an opportunity for teams and players to get away from their standard training environment, do some team-building, and practice their sport through a new lens.

Our international tours are all-inclusive: flights, local hosts/guides, hotels and accommodation, food, local transportation, soccer training and friendly matches, and mental training. Options exist to tailor your team's itinerary to focus on particular activities. Scroll down to see our tour locations and a sample itinerary.


Meteora Field.jpeg

Athens • Thessaloniki • Trikala/Meteora

Visit the historic country of Greece - including historical sites like the Parthanon and Ancient Greek ruins - and experience it's rich soccer culture with clubs like Panathanaikos, Olympiacos, AEK, Aris, PAOK, and more. Have the chance to potentially play against Panathinaikos academy teams, and in the stadium pictured left. Also, have the chance to eat the freshest Mediterranean cuisine and meet the farmers who harvested the land.


São Paulo • Rio de Janeiro

Get immersed in perhaps the richest and most famous culture of soccer. Have the opportunity to play against top local academies and soccer schools in São Paulo (the business capital) and Rio (the tourism capital) of the country. Play top-level soccer, explore the local futsal scene, meet locals, eat traditional Brazilian food, watch a professional match, and spend some time on the beach.




Lisbon • Porto

Discover the quality of Portuguese life and their passion for football. The success of Portuguese football has come with great dedication to methodology and tactical periodization, in order to develop players and prepare them to perform their best. Experience the culture first-hand by attending a Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, or Porto match. Travel the coast to visit the western edge of Europe and taste delicious codfish, olive oil, coffee, and creme pastries.


Barcelona • Madrid • Valencia

Explore the footballing meccas of Spain. Compete against local academies and practice your Spanish by interacting with locals and ordering tapas. Options to also attend a professional match at Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, or Valencia. Teams may also play futsal on local courts in the heart of Barcelona.


Sample Trip Itinerary (Greece)

Day 1

Arrive to Destination City (Athens)

Afternoon - Arrival in Athens, meet Tour Guide at Airport, Bus to Hotel

Evening - Light Movement + Fun Activity

Team Meal + Meeting

Expectations and Itinerary for the Trip

Day 2

Morning - Breakfast & Team Training

Mid-day - Explore the City / Tourist Activity (visit Parthanon & ancient ruins)

Evening - Attend a local pro match (Olympiacos)

Day 3

Morning - Breakfast & Yoga

Mid-day - Explore + Lunch on the town (per diem)

Evening - Friendly Match vs. Local Club / Academy (Panathanaikos)

Day 4

Travel day (Trikala)

Morning - Breakfast & Pack Things

Mid-day - Travel to Next Destination City (Trikala)

Evening - Training & Team Dinner at Local Restaurant

Day 5

Morning - Breakfast & Team Training

Mid-day - Sports Psychology / Mental Skills Session

Evening - Free Time

Day 6

Morning - Breakfast & Light Team Training

Mid-day - Tourist Activity (walk through farmer's market & meet farmers) / Mental Skills Session

Evening - Exhibition Match vs. Local Team (Trikala Reserves)

Day 7

Travel day (Thessaoloniki)

Morning - Breakfast & Recovery Yoga

Mid-day - Bus ride to New Destination City (Thessaloniki)

Evening - Tourist Activity (visit city center) & Team Dinner on the town

Day 8

Morning - Breakfast & Team Training

Mid-day - Sports Psychology / Mental Skills Session

Evening - Recovery Yoga & Attend Pro Match (PAOK)

Day 9

Travel Day (Return to Athens)

Morning - Breakfast & Scrimmage vs. Local Club (Heracles)

Mid-day - Travel back to the Departure City (Athens)

Evening - Team Dinner & Night Out

Day 10

Depart Home

Morning - Breakfast & Tour Closure

Mid-day - Ride to Airport & Depart Home

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